How Can SEO Content Writing Help You?

You may have found that getting a website or blog built is easy. Sometimes too easy. You don’t always get what you want. But the harder bit is making sure your site is found for the right searches. Then it’s a question of whether you get the response you want. You shouldn’t take notice just because I say so. Google’s Hummingbird has kicked clumsy content firmly into the dirt. SEO Writing requires finesse.

Google Wants Quality Content

Updates to the way Google is ranking results (especially ongoing changes to Panda) are keeping webmasters on their toes! But the consensus is that having unique ‘standout’ content is essential. Unique for Google. ‘Standout’ for your visitors.

The right searches refer to what potential visitors type into the Google search box. If they find your page, you then want them to take some form of action. It could be filling out a form, picking up the phone or buying something. Having the the right content, structured to please Google will help you achieve this. It’s not the only thing you have to do, but it’s the foundation for everything else.

Problems With Website Content

Headaches with website content come in all sorts of guises. You could be:

  • Planning a new website
  • Have a site with too little or no content
  • Getting less traffic than you hoped for
  • Have had a sudden drop in traffic
  • Unsure where to start with content
  • Seeking a second opinion on something

This is where a specialist SEO content writing service can help.

Skimping On Content Is A False Economy

I really believe if you can’t generate trust with your content, it doesn’t matter what else you do. There’s no point in ranking if you are ranking for the wrong keywords. It comes down to getting the right kind of traffic. This helps you get good conversion rates and is how you build success. It’s more than just a question of generating traffic. High traffic can be very flattering of course. But if it’s off the back of the wrong kind of content, it will contribute to very high bounce rate (visitors don’t hang around). This immediately reduces your chances of making money. This leads to disappointment and frustration. You may also get search engine penalties. More frustration!

Post-Hummingbird various types of site are finding it harder to rank. These include sites selling products and services where the bulk of the site’s content is sparse product pages. Investing in good quality content is the best way to protect individual pages from dropping down the rankings: SEO Writing can help.

The Challenge Post Hummingbird

You have no control over what searchers type into the Google search box. What they type is very diverse. It’s your job to anticipate their searches rather than shoehorning your visitors with terms that have no relationship to what they are searching for. Post-Hummingbird a greater level of customer understanding is required.

Correct SEO writing tells the search engines which words and phrases are important on your page. Even if your pages are fantastic, if they don’t have the right triggers for Google, you won’t get the traffic you want via free organic search. Although if people find you by another route, say from Facebook, you may get visitors if enough people share your content. But why throw away traffic?Post Hummingbird all this is harder to second guess. Google is now premised on semantic search. What’s written on the page is even more important. But if your business has good customer research you have a head start.