SEO Writing Expert is more than just a writer. But first some background on me. I’ve come to SEO content writing by a roundabout route. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In one capacity or other I’ve been writing for 25 years. Mostly for marketing but also for consulting and business research. Around 2005 I turned my attention to the web.

How I Can Help

So what do I do now? I create web content for a range of small businesses: mostly website pages, blog posts and articles. Unlike other SEO writers I bring more to the party when you ask me to write or carry out research for your content. I am not a slave to the research tools commonly used for keyword research – they are only part of the picture. Commonsense, research and client input go along way. I can work your preferred keywords or help you create a set of terms from scratch although it would be unusual if you didn’t give me a ‘starter’ set of words to verify.

I also write for my own sites and create content for one of the UK’s leading online marketing consultants (reference on request).

I’ve written about most sectors and many niches- everything from asbestos to fine furniture! I’ve researched many sectors. I also sub-edit copy.

Hype Free Zone

Many suppliers in the world of Search Engine Optimisation would have you think getting your web site ranked is a mysterious process. Anyone, with the right tools, input and some training, can make Google happy. Of course it’s also possible to make Google deeply unhappy.

There’s been a lot of frankly rubbish content on the web despite the fact some SEO companies promise their clients the earth and charge accordingly. That’s not my way.

Life On The Web Is Always Changing

I firmly believe that success on the web is a balancing trick. Life on the web is always changing…and you have to react to the changes. If you suddenly have a prolonged drop in traffic something could be wrong. But never lose sight of the fact that writing for Google means writing for your visitors. I think this has always been important but Google is turning the screws with important updates to the way it ranks search results. You simply can’t trick Google and operate in Google’s world.

Get The Basics Right

So SEO Writing Expert creates search engine friendly content that will help your site achieve rankings for the right keywords.

It’s been said for years that your pages are less important that what happens off the page – your internet marketing strategy. That’s both true and false. If you have the wrong content nothing else works, and it’s a false investment to spend money before you’ve got the basics right. That’s just my view.